Seven Buckets of Life!

World’s first self-help novel with dual endings! Authored by Sandeep Kakkar .The book is a blend of motivation, adventure and success that unfolds seven important aspects of life by an enriching story of a family. As the story opens up, it not only takes you to the best places in the world but also adds great insights about life.

Seven Buckets of Life helps you in understanding the Life more closely by a beautiful tale of a family.

The secret of Seven Buckets will unfold the answers to following questions:-

  • How to live happier and healthier life?
  • How to find the wealth of knowledge and Money?
  • How to be successful in your career?
  • Why to master the art of giving?
  • Where is the key to unlock the eternal happiness and peace?

After adopting Seven bucket technique in your life, Success will not be yours Enemy but a friend, which will meet you regularly.

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